Ultimate Screen Clean

Keeping your hand held device or other electronic display hygienically clean and in showroom condition can be difficult. But Touchscreenkleen, the specialist screen cleaning formula, has  made it a whole lot easier! The screen cleaning solution has been formulated to specifically deal with the daily grime that builds up on the screens of tablet computers, smartphones and satnavs, but it works equally well on all types of electronic display from plasma TVs to laptop computers.

screen cleaning for tablet computers

The formulation has been achieved without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients so that it is inherently safe for you, your device and the environment. Both Touchscreenkleen products are supplied with an ultrasoft microfibre cloth that is fully machine washable* and delivers superb cleaning performance, when compared to screen wipes or other screen cleaning systems.

Screen Cleaning

  • First put your gadget screen into sleep mode so that the screen is dark to reflect and show dirt, marks and fingerprints
  • Spray the cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth (the most important part – please do not spray directly onto the screen) and use the damp part of the cloth to remove the grime
  • Polish the screen with a clean dry part of the cloth to achieve a showroom finish
  • It’s as simple as that!
  • Touchscreenkleen works equally well on screens with or without a screen protector of the self adhesive film type.
  • Tip: Screen protectors fix best on to a really clean screen, so use Touchscreenkleen thoroughly before applying one.

Touchscreenkleen is supplied in two sizes: TK100 (15ml) and TK200 (50ml) and both of these products are sized so that they can be carried through airport security, so it is the ideal cleaning system for the regular traveller.

*Please note that the microfiber cloth should not be washed with the addition of fabric conditioner as this will impair future performance

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Why use TouchscreenKleen?

  • NON toxic!
  • NON solvent based
  • NON abrasive cleaning
  • Hygienic & antibacterial
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made in the U.K.
  • NON streaking!
  • NON smearing!
  • Handy pocket sized
  • Safe for all touchscreens
  • Allowed by UK airports

How it works!

New Touchscreen Kleen contains no harmful chemicals or abrasive ingredients like some products on the market today. Instead it is a uniquely formulated solution containing clever molecules, like the one pictured below.

These trap and lift dirty fingerprints, grease and grime.   Just spray and wipe truly clean, dry and polish with the special ultrasoft microfibre cloth provided.  Touchscreenkleen leaves the surface as the manufacturer intended with no residues or silcone deposited.  Safe for all touchscreen display screens, environmentally friendly, antibacterial, deodorises and non toxic.